What do home inspectors check for?

A Home Inspector will look at House’s Exterior, Interior, Doors, Windows, Chimney, Roof, Attic, HVAC, Structure, Plumbing, Electrical, Ground conditions. It depends on Inspector but most inspectors goes beyond the Standards of Practice.

How much does it cost to hire a home inspector

It depends on state, city even to the season. Average is between $400 to $600 for a typical one family house. Contact House Expert Home inspector for Quick Quotes

Do Home inspector give a repair estimate?

The answer is NO, and even the inspector’s background is a construction estimator, they shouldn’t give any estimate. It is clearly explained by SOP code of ethics. (Stand of Practice). Home inspectors are not allowed to repair or fix items, so to make cost estimates would be a conflict of interest and against our code of ethics.

What are the most common home inspection problems?

Structural Issues. Structural issues can generally be seen in the attic or crawlspace. …
Heating and Colling System / HVAC.
Water Damage.
Final Thoughts on Major Home Inspection Issues