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Whether you are a home buyer, seller, or owner, our home inspection services will give you the knowledge required to purchase or maintain your home.  No matter what stage in the home-owning process you are in, it is important to understand the inner workings of your home. Ensuring the systems of the home are working properly can ensure that your home is a safe investment. A home inspection is a professional, objective, visual examination of the condition of a home.  House Expert Home Inspections LLC. New Jersey Home Inspector, will help you make an informed decision, while giving you the information needed to maintain your property in the future. We provide multiple services to give you the most comprehensive and detailed inspection of your home. 

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buyers inspection

A buyer inspection is usually done after a buyer has made an offer on the home but before closing the sale.   At this point, a home inspector will come to the house and inspect the home in order to identify any health, safety or mechanical issues.  Based on the outcome of the inspection, the buyer may be able to renegotiate their offer or request repairs are made.  A Buyers Inspection is a way to gain valuable information about the biggest purchase of your life.  

sellers inspection

A seller’s inspection happens before the home is put on the market.  Some sellers opt to have a home inspector come and inspect their home as they prepare to sell their house.  This way, any identified issues can be mitigated and repaired beforehand so the closing process can move faster, when the time comes.  After identifying and repairing the problem, sellers can add the cost of the repairs to the selling price. 

Home inspection
Home inspection
Home inspection



Radon is an invisible gas with dangerous side effects.  The gas cannot be seen, tasted or smelled and can cause lung cancer.  Smokers are especially at risk, as they are seven times more likely to develop lung cancer if exposed to radon.  Radon can be present in your home without you knowing. Radon is a radioactive gas forming in the soil beneath a home and levels may be higher in certain neighbourhoods.  Fortunately, there is a test for it.   Radon testing is quick and affordable and could potentially save you and your families lives.  If your house has a high radon level, consultation with radon removal experts would determine the best method for removal.  Radon testing should be added on to your home inspection for the most comprehensive inspection.  When booking a home inspection with House Expert Home Inspections LLC. , ask about our radon test services.

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Home inspection Radon
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An oil tank sweep is an important step home buyers should consider when having their home inspected.  By conducting an oil tank sweep, a home inspector can make sure there are no abandoned fuel tanks on the property.  Years ago, underground fuel tanks were used as they were considered less of a fire hazard.  An abandoned fuel tank will rust and leak with time resulting in significant environmental damage and expensive remediation bills for new buyers.  To conduct an oil tank sweep, a qualified technician will consult a government database for fuel tanks as well as an on-site search including a scan of the property and soil sampling. House Expert Home Inspections LLC. ,  is qualified and experienced in conducting an oil tank sweep in New Jersey.

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Home inspection Oil tank sweep
Home inspection oil tank sweep
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Thermal imaging is a great tool that helps to identifying water damage in walls, floors, and ceilings. By detecting the difference in temperature between a wet area and the surrounding dry areas thermal imaging can help detect moisture issues that would not be visible during a limited visual home inspection. It is also great at identifying areas where the insulation contractor failed to insulate adequately

Home inspection Thermal image test
Home inspection Thermal image test
Home inspection Thermal image test
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